Is There A Place For Spy Cameras In Your Home?

November 9th, 2018

The general perception of a home in Johnson City, TN is that this is supposed to be a place of personal refuge. Your home is safe; it’s where you relax, can be at peace and don’t have to worry about your children being at risk. But this doesn’t mean that your home is impregnable, or somehow less at risk than a workplace, or other public space.

The use of cameras, specifically “spy cameras” or “spy cams” can be an extremely useful addition to any home. But what is a spy camera, and why would you want to install such a thing in your home?

More Than Movies

While the term spy cam conjures up images of secret agents using high technology surveillance measures to fight evil, real spy cameras serve a much broader range of functions. The spy camera gets its name because, unlike conventional security cameras, the goal is not to stand out and announce to people the presence of a surveillance device.

Spy cameras are designed to be unobtrusive, unnoticeable and difficult to immediately find unless you are actively looking for them. Their intent is to monitor activity without alerting the subjects that they are actually under surveillance. This can help you in your Johnson City, TN home in a variety of different ways.

Preventing Theft

Some people may choose to bring others into the home on a regular basis to do work, but, unfortunately, domestic theft is always a possibility. It may be housekeepers, or the person coming in for weekly maintenance in the swimming pool. It may even be someone that is brought in to do babysitting, or, for longer periods, pet/home sitting during vacations. The presence of spy cameras can catch these people in the act, with the proof that the law needs to prosecute, rather than you having only unconfirmed suspicions.

Comprehensive Supervision

You may have a situation where you’re leaving children at home, alone, for extended periods of time. Or you may have elderly parents in your care, because it may no longer be safe to leave them alone in their own home. Spy cameras can play a surprising role in keeping children and the elderly safe as a way to alert to you to problems. Statistically speaking, many accidents people experience are more likely to occur in the home.

Modern spy cameras give users the ability to access live feeds whenever they like, from devices as varied as the computer at work, or even the phone in your hand. Now if something happens, like an elderly parent falling and being unable to recover, or a child getting into an accident after coming home from school, you can act on it in good time, rather than come home to a potential tragedy.

Make your home in Johnson City, TN safer. Just contact Visions Integrated and explain what you’re looking for. We can consult with you, find out what kind of situation you have, and provide the solutions that will meet your security needs, whether it’s in your own home, or at your place of work.