The Three Best Ways To Prevent Package Theft

February 6th, 2019

The Three Best Ways To Prevent Package Theft 

As e-commerce grows in the United States, so too does the risk of package theft. One study conducted by Xfinity Home found that nearly a third of Americans were at some point victims of package theft. As the threat of porch piracy continues to grow, Johnson City homeowners should want to protect their deliveries. Below, Johnson City, TN residents will find the three best ways to prevent package theft.

Schedule A Delivery 

Package theft occurs because shippers tend to deliver items when residents are not home. The longer a package is left on the front porch, the more tempting it becomes to thieves, as it is a clear sign that the homeowner is not present. To prevent this from happening, Johnson City residents should schedule a delivery with their shipper.

Customers could do this two ways. First, they could set a time for the package to be dropped off, opting for a time when they’re home. Second, customers could change the shipping address from their home to their place of work. Regardless of which method is chosen, the goal should be for customers to receive the package from their shipper directly. Similarly, customers could request that the shipper require a signature for delivery.

Install A Security System 

A visible security system is another excellent way to prevent package theft. A study from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte found that roughly 60 percent of burglars would target another home if they saw a security camera. So, the mere presence of a security system could be enough to prevent a break-in, especially if you put signs and stickers on your mailbox and windows indicating that you have a system in place.

Second, today’s security cameras allow homeowners to monitor the feed from anywhere. When homeowners connect the cameras to the internet, homeowners can view the feed from one of the following devices:

  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone

Your security cameras could connect to a motion sensor that sends an alert to your device whenever someone walks up to your front door. Then, you could tap into the video feed so they can see who is on their porch. Some security cameras and video doorbells also come with microphones that allow for homeowners to speak to an intruder. Remote access could also provide peace of mind, as homeowners can confirm that a package was delivered.

Coordinate With Your Neighbors 

If you are worried about package theft, you may also want to speak with your neighbors. If they too are concerned about the problem, you could enter into an agreement where you would pick up one another’s packages. For instance, if you are at work and your neighbor was home when a package was delivered, they could hold it for you until you returned.

When doing so, make sure to text the other person or leave a note letting them know you have their package. Tracking your packages could also be useful, as you could provide your neighbors with a heads up when you are expecting a delivery.