The Best Places To Install Security Cameras

November 1st, 2018

It’s a sad, but true statement that even here, in Johnson City, TN, theft is one of the biggest reasons for losses in retail businesses. There are plenty of logical reasons for this. Retail outlets, by design, have things people want, but beyond personal use, there is also a sales value to stealing store products and moving them into the black market.

That’s why any prudent business here in Johnson City, TN should always be thinking about security measures. And one of the best ways to handle the problem of theft is through the judicious use of security cameras. This is for a few important reasons. Security cameras act as powerful deterrents since the having an “unblinking eye” means people are more reluctant to shoplift. On top of that, security cameras make the identification, presentation of evidence, and subsequent prosecution in court, much easier. However, security cameras only do their job well if you create good conditions for them. Placement is a critical factor in just how effective cameras may be, and these are a few of the key places in your business you should always consider putting cameras.

The Perimeter

Even before placing cameras within your place of business, you should have them outside too. Not only this is an early warning to potential thieves, but it can also act as a deterrent to graffiti on the exterior, as well as get you some additional information. Added evidence such as license plates, and make of a vehicle can be important in an investigation.

The Entrance

This is important for before and after a theft has taken place. Security cameras at the entrance provide a good, “full body” shot of all people entering a building. It’s a warning to thieves, as well as an early point of evidence gathering.

Points Of Sale

The cash register is another important place to put cameras for two reasons. The first is if it is the cash register itself that is held up in a crime. This is another way to gather evidence. The second, less fortunate reason is that sometimes employee theft is a source of losses, and this acts as a strong deterrence against that.


Wherever your stock of inventory is stored is another vulnerable point that you want to address. In some cases, these areas are more vulnerable just because this is where goods may go while they are still packed away as cargo, making it easier to make off with larger numbers of items. It also acts as a deterrence against potential employee theft, since now they know that even the storeroom is under surveillance.

We Can Help

If you want to enjoy more peace of mind at your business, just reach out to us and explain your needs. VITS has the experience, technical know-how and quality equipment to ensure that your business in Johnson City, TN enjoys the highest degree of security and presents the greatest number of obstacles and threats to people that may want to deprive you of your goods and products.