License Plate Recognition And The Private Sector

April 19th, 2019

When one thinks about license plate recognition systems in security, they’re like to first think about homeland security measures, or tools used by local Johnson City, TN law enforcement. However, Johnson City, TN private sector businesses can really benefit from these technologies as well, and while they may not be a necessity for all private sector businesses of the area, some may find them to be a very worthwhile investment.

License plate recognition systems in the private sector have many uses, and these include protecting assets as well as protecting employees. With a safe workplace, employees are likely to be happier, and a happier employee is an employee who is loyal to a particular establishment. Any private sector business that sees heavy traffic, like franchises, gas stations, or hospitals, can see real benefit from investing in license plate recognition security.

Common Ways Private Sector Businesses Use License Plate Recognition Security Technology

One of the most common users of license plate recognition technology is Johnson City, TN law enforcement, but it can be found in many private sector applications throughout the area. Some common ways private businesses use license plate recognition systems are:

  • Management of tolls – The next time you drive through an area toll plaza, you may not see the license plate recognition technology they use, but there is a good chance it’s there. Toll plazas depend heavily on this type of security technology to monitor the traffic coming through and make sure that all proper tolls are collected before the driver pulls away.
  • Monitoring of drive-thru locations – Both banks and fast food restaurants make heavy use of drive-thru convenience, and license plate recognition technology ensures that these areas remain convenient and safe. This is used to protect the business assets and employees as workers of such establishments work with the public hidden from plain view while in their cars. With license plate recognition technology, any person who may decide to drive off, attempt a burglary, or assault an employee will be caught.
  • Keeping watch on gas stations – For Johnson City, TN gas stations, drive off gas theft is a big concern, and license plate recognition technology helps to protect businesses from these occurrences. Having visible cameras in place can work to deter would-be gas thieves, and those who do attempt a theft are far more likely to be caught with their license plate captured on camera footage.
  • Parking lot management – Safety is a major concern for patrons and employees working in area parking lots. License plate recognition technology monitors all cars going in and coming out of these lot areas, and they’re often used alongside other security layers like access control to ensure the safest possible experience.

License Plate Recognition For Safer Private Businesses

Private businesses can benefit from license plate recognition just like homeland security and law enforcement, and it’s a security level used more often than many people think. With license plate recognition as part of your layered security strategy, a private business provides themselves with a better opportunity to protect their assets, patrons, and employees.